Kommerell diverticulum

A Kommerell diverticulum is a rare aortic arch anomaly. It is bulbous configuration of origin of left subclavian artery. However, it was originally described as a diverticular outpouching at origin of right subclavian artery with left aortic arch.

Radiographic features

Plain film

A small rounded density may be seen laterally towards the left of the trachea.

Barium Swallow

An impression can be seen from left side of oesophagus simulating a double aortic arch.


Typically shoes bulbous enlargement of proximal subclavian artery is seen at its origin from aortic arch, posterior to oesophagus.


Aberrant subclavian and Kommerell diverticulum CT

Article Author : Dr. Praveen Jha, Radiopaedia


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